14-1015 v2.X Counting Salvaged and Declared Products as Double


In the clarifications section of LBC 3.0 Imperative 13 - Living Economy Sourcing, states:SALVAGED MATERIALSSalvaged materials may be counted at double their material cost.DECLARE PRODUCTSDeclare products may be counted at double their material cost.Presumably this allowance is granted so that salvaged and declared products that are sourced close to the project site can be of greater benefit in the calculation of the materials construction budget. However, there are situations in which a Declared or Salvaged product is sourced from a wider radius and would therefore count against the project's materials construction budget.For instance, if we use salvaged wood products from our own city it would be nice to count this material at double its cost because it would increase the value of products sourced from within 500 km of our project site. However, if we select a Declared insulation product that is manufactured 4000 km from our project site we wouldn't necessarily want to count the value of this product twice.Is our reading correct that salvaged and declared products MAY be counted at double their material cost but do not HAVE to be counted at double their material cost?



Correct, it is optional for project teams to choose to count salvaged and Declare products as double their materials  cost. Since double counting may or may not be beneficial in meeting the requirements of I13 Living Economy Sourcing, teams should determine what is appropriate for their project.

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