14-1016 v2.X Emergency Generator (Part I)


Our project will require the use of a backup generator for the production needs of this site. The power at this location is very susceptible to outages during the winter months and the production nature of our facility requires uninterrupted power. We require the use of a generator that will be the size of 750KW to 1000KW. The largest propane generator that can be supplied by any manufacturer is 150KW. Will it be acceptable to use a diesel type for our application?


A diesel generator is not allowed in this case. The project team should use multiple paralleled propane generator sets to achieve the required load. In addition to avoiding the use of diesel fuel, this strategy will enable your facility to achieve enhanced reliability, operational flexibility, and easier maintenance scheduling. Please note that a quick
internet search found at least one readily available 400KW liquid propane generator.

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