14-1017 v2.X Location of Utility Meter Within Project Boundary


We are registered under LBC 2.0. Our project is planning on installing a new photovoltaic array for Net Zero Energy. There are a number of regulatory and legal issues happening in Iowa right now concerning solar installations which make tying in with the existing utility grid a logistical necessity. The panels would be leased to us via a long-term (15 plus year) lease by the utility company. Under the proposed contract, the energy from the leased on-site solar panels would go through the utility meter, go through a junction box to a meter at our building, and supply the renewable energy for the site. The solar panels, utility meter, junction box, and building meter would all be within the project boundary. Any excess energy generated would be available to the grid. Is it acceptable for the utility’s meter to be between the pv system and the project, when both are within the project boundary?


Yes, the proposed meter placement is acceptable as long as the project can track the energy production of the leased PV panels and the energy demands of the project.

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