14-1231 v3.X Melamine Formaldehyde


I would like to specifically comment on the use of phenol formaldehyde. Does melamine formaldehyde fit into that category? Meaning that it would be acceptable in the adhesive that binds the solid sawn flange to the OSB webbing of the Roseburg RFPI Joist they offer? I am running into the same issue with another manufacturer.


No, melamine formaldehyde has more potential to off-gas than phenol formaldehyde and is not addressed under Exceptions such as I10-E10 Structural Composite Wood Members. Please look for alternative products and evaluate the formaldehyde content of the options. If you are unable to find a compliant product after conducting sufficient due
diligence, post a request to use your preferred choice under I10-E1 General Red List.

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