15-0103 v2.X Underground Conduit Raceways


Our project requires small quantities, in various diameters, of flexible, nonmetallic conduit, which is rated for harsh and damp environments and rated for exterior use. After extensive research, we located three companies that make flexible nonmetallic conduit using HDPE.The first company, Carlon, makes flexible HDPE electrical conduit, but their product is not rate for exterior use. The second company, Dura-Line, makes flexible HDPE electric conduit that is rated for exterior use and high moisture areas, but has a 2000 per product/diameter type minimum order. Our requirements are for 50-100ft of various diameter conduits. The third company, PNA/API makes flexible non-metallic conduit that is rated for exterior use and high moisture areas but not in a diameter smaller than 1". Our requirements are for 1/2 and 3/4" nonmetallic conduit.We are therefore requesting the use of this PVC product, Carlfex Liquidtight, which can be ordered in the lengths/dimensions that we require.We have all of the due diligence documentation, but the file is too large to attach here (15 MB). Please advise how we can provide our back-up to you.


If the team can document that larger diameter (1") conduit will not work in lieu of the preferred 1/2" or 3/4" conduit, and show that non-metallic conduit is required by code, the I11-E22 Minimum Order Excess Exception is applicable. The team must provide all required documentation at time of Audit.v2.1: I11-E22 Minimum Order Excess Red List ingredients are allowed in materials that are not yet readily available in the market and require a minimum order that is significantly in excess of project needs (e.g. double). Project teams should contact local suppliers and other project teams in search of a means to store, share or sell the excess quantity. If the Red List product is used, the team must show due diligence to find a compliant product available in smaller quantities and advocate to both the Red List product manufacturer to eliminate Red List ingredients and the compliant product manufacturer for runs or distribution channels that could accommodate smaller projects.Original post of exception: https://ilbi.org/action/community/dialogue/materials/red-list/101/36054885

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