15-0105 v2.X International Projects Carbon Calculator


What carbon calculator would be the most accurate to use for international projects? This particular project is located in Shanghai, China. I am finding that the Athena calculators (and I suspect others too) operate using regionally specific datasets that do not apply in other places. Specifically, the main differentiators are electricity grids, manufacturing processes, transportation distances and the make-up of building assemblies. Thank you in advance for your guidance.


The team may use any of the approved calculators. Although the simple calculators make assumptions that may not be accurate for all projects, they meet the intent of the requirements and are allowed, regardless of location. For a more accurate assessment, the team may use an approved calculator that requires more detailed inputs. Teams may also propose an alternative calculator through the Dialogue. A request to approve a new calculator must include a convincing case for equivalency or superiority to the accepted calculators.

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