15-0105 v2.X Scale Jumping for Use of Groundwater Source


Part of the intent of the Bernheim Edible Garden is to illuminate connections between the garden landscape and natural systems and to demonstrate alternative provisioning for water. The water sources for the project include harvested rainwater and surface ponds. In order to demonstrate alternatives to municipal water sources and to insure adequate water supplies for food production we would like to additionally add a shallow groundwater well that would collect water from karst deposits near the garden. The well would be located within the larger Bernheim campus but not within the project boundaries for geological reasons related to a shale layer that occludes water from shallow ground storage within the garden site.The well would meet all other requirements of the LBC.Are we correct in interpreting our ability to do this under the scale jumping provision that allows "a project in a campus setting that taps into a surface or groundwater source located off the project site but within the campus boundary"?


Yes, this is a correct interpretation of Scale Jumping and is allowed. The project team should research the current functions and capacities of project water sources to ensure they are not compromised. Please see the 2.1 May 2013 Water Petal Handbook (WPH p. 4, 6 & 7) for further information regarding Closed Loop Systems, Scale Jumping and Documentation Requirements.

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