15-0108 v3.X Definition of Lead-Free Plumbing Fixtures


The Federal Definition of "Lead-Free as defined in S. 3874 (111th): Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, effective January 1. 2014 is the only exception that I can find that refers to "some" lead allowed in plumbing fixtures; assuming then that a toilet would not fall under this Federal Definition. If after researching three toilet companies, two being unwilling to respond, can a Toto toilet that contains two brass bolts that connect the mount to the tank of the bowl be allowed if lead is present but only being 0.005% of the entire mass of the product. Toto also has planned to phase out the brass bolts in their product by the end of 2015. http://www.totousa.com/ultramax%C2%AE-ii-1g-one-piece-toilet-10gpf-elongated-bowl


Yes - a toilet with brass bolts is allowed. The brass bolts are considered miscellaneous hardware for the purposes of the LBC. 

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