15-0127 v3.X Added Formaldehyde in Millwork Finish


When looking into alternative varnishes on the casework we are interested in (that are Red List compliant), the manufacturer suggested a Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy. The products "do not contain Formaldehyde as an added ingredient in the formulation of the products. Both of the products, contain < 200 ppm of formaldehyde. (Component A has .0169% by weight of Formaldehyde, as a contaminant)." They define contaminant as a natural byproduct of that component. We just want to clarify that this meets the definition of added formaldehyde, or were wondering if you could clarify what the added means if this product does not comply.


The formaldehyde, as described, is not "added". Contaminants are, by definition, unintentionally added. Provided that the formaldehyde serves no functional purpose whatsoever, and cannot be removed or avoided, this product is compliant with Red List requirements.

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