15-0216 v3.X Glulams and Paraformaldehyde


I have been researching the material composition of the Calvert Glulam beams for quite some time now and have finally received all the information on the glues/additives used in the product. I also received the following Ingredients List from the president at Calvert: https://greenhammer.box.com/s/smcxki90yjbk1z8laox35pbt3yix8wuz

From this document you can see that all the glues make up 1% of the total product by weight or volume. The following is a list of all the products that make up that "glues" 1%:- 3M Red Cream Hardener- Momentive 5025A- Momentive 4001-2*- Momentive 4720- Momentive 5830S.4*- Walker Emulsions K-7067 Clear SealerMomentive provided the following Ingredients List: 


From this list you can see that besides the Formaldehyde (accepted per I10-E10 8/2008), the starred Momentive products contain 4-6% of Paraformaldehyde. Depending on the percentages that make up the other 4 glues that make up the 1% of the Glue of the Glulam Beam, does this make the Glulam Beam non-compliant?


In this product, paraformalehyde is a process chemical that reacts to form phenol formaldehyde; therefore, this product complies with Exception I10-E10 Structural Composite Wood Members. Project teams with similar inquiries in the future must confirm with manufacturers whether the ingredient in question is a process chemical.

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