15-0304 v2.X Direction for Projects Leasing Space


A portion of our building is owner occupied and a portion is for lease. We designed the leasable areas with a number of educated assumptions as to a) who will lease the space and b) what their programming requirements will be.With these assumptions we designed the commercial retail units (CRU) to meet ILFI requirements.Now that we are in negotiations with potential tenants, we are encountering some issues. 

1) the interested tenants are not the same type of business as the space was designed for b) the programming requirements of the tenants are different than we designed for.The specific issues thus far are centered around the requirements in the Civilized Environment Imperative. The requirement that all regularly occupied space be within 9m of an operable window, and that 10% of the regularly occupied space have a glazed exterior wall.Example for 9m to operable windows: Originally one of our CRU’s was designed for a restaurant, now a chiropractor is interested in leasing the space. The layout of a chiropractor office with much smaller treatment rooms than that of a wide open dining hall makes meeting this 9m requirement to an operable window difficult.Example for 10% of exterior walls are glazed: Another potential tenants is requesting to break up a large area into smaller areas with full height walls. They are happy to have glazing in the interior walls, but that specific new occupied space will not have 10% glazing on an exterior wall. They will have more than 10% glazing on an interior wall with views and access to an exterior glazed wall.We are in negotiations with the tenants to see how flexible their programming needs are, but we also want to get clarity from ILFI on this issue so that we can come to a win-win solution for both.We believe in the principals of the Living Building Challenge and are keen to meet all the requirements. However, one of the three pillars of sustainability is economics, and if we can not find a win-win to lease our CRU’s, we will have a difficult decision to make between sustaining our business and retaining our LBC certification.


All regularly occupied spaces must have access to operable windows and daylight per the requirements of v2.1 I-08 Civilized Environment, or must meet an established Exception. Tenant improvements must comply with these requirements for the building to successfully attain this Imperative. Interior glazing can be used to meet the daylight and air requirements, as long as:the glazing allows daylight penetration operable windows or door hold- opens allow air circulation the interior space is within the 30 foot maximum distance from an exterior opening. Please see the v3.0 Health & Happiness Petal Handbook for a list of exempt spaces and Exception I07-E1 Special Use Areas (HHPH p7-8), both of which are applicable to 2.1 & 3.0 projects.

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