15-0309 v2.X Staff Break Room


As part of the staffing area, we are planning a small break room. In order to maintain the open layout plan for staff and maximum the access they have to windows when they are at their desks, we would prefer to put the breakout room on an interior wall adjacent to the open offices. As an interior space, a window would either be into a public hallway where visitors are viewing nature-based exhibits, or directly into a cubicle of a staff member. For staff to gather in and socialize in, there are civilized environment compliant meeting rooms, a compliant kitchen and a compliant project room, giving staff options for meeting in, working in, and spending time in. Each open office includes space and an extra chair for informal meetings. There are two solid walled offices with exterior windows for private meetings. The planned break out room is similar to one staff have now in their existing building, and they typically use it to grab a lunch from the refrigerator, make a pot of coffee, or wash their dishes. Eating and socializing is done in other spaces. Under the July 12, 2010 dialogue post, we would like to verify that as an office breakout area this proposed space does not require windows.


It is acceptable to exclude windows from a break room because it is considered an Exempt Space. This exemption was established under v2.1, and can be found in the v3.0 Health & Happiness Handbook (HHPH p. 7).

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