15-0311 v3.X Combustion for Resilience Backup


I live in a community that gets frequent power outages – often the co-incide with snow and ice storms and cold period. My house had four of these this last year. When its cold it can be a problem obviously and sometimes the outage can be for several days rendering battery back ups insufficient if weather is cloudy too. Given that back up generators are allowed – I’d like to instead request a wood stove as back up heat generator to solve this issue –especially since I live on a wooded site and can use site wood for this need and eliminate all transportation impacts of the fuel. To be clear – the wood stove is primarily decorative – and intended to provide supplemental heat only in times of power outages to keep house in a liveable state during these periods. My primary heating source is radiant heating using solar for all energy. Also – although I am in the L3 transect – I am essentially in a rural community and this exception seems relevant to rural conditions especially where power companies are remotely located.


The Institute is expanding Exception I06-E5 Ornamental Fireplace in Transects L1 & L2 to include residential projects in Transect L3, with some additional limitations.

Addition to I06-E5 Ornamental Fireplace in Transects L1 & L2:
Fireplaces will be allowed for residential projects in Transect L3 under the following conditions: Fireplace cannot be a primary heat source Fireplace must be closed and meet current Nordic Swan emission & efficiency standards (below) Project must be in an region that is in compliance with the EPA 2013 PM2.5 primary annual fine particle standard of 12 ug/m3 http://www.epa.gov/pmdesignations/2012standards/state.htm

Current Nordic Swan standards Emissions criteria (thru June 30, 2017)
- Organic gaseous carbon (OGC): 100 mg/m3
- Carbon monoxide (CO): 1250 mg/m3
- Particles: 3.0 g/kg (for up to 4 loads); 6 g/kg (for each load)
- Efficiency criteria 76% for manually operated stoves or inset fireplaces for intermittent use 

(For Reference) Initial Response March 2015: Per Exception I06-E5 (EPH p13)
One indoor ornamental fireplace per project is allowed in Transects L1 and L2 only. In these limited instances, it is acceptable to use a fireplace as a heat source during power outages in lieu of a backup generator. Due to the impacts to ecosystem and human health that would occur if this strategy were scaled across dense urban environments, this is not an acceptable strategy in transects L3 - L6.

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