15-0311 v3.X Deferred Net Zero Pathway


I’d like to propose an innovative pathway for net zero that I think will help projects better afford solar – and incentivize more net zero projects. Given the rapid rate of improvement of solar, yet still the high cost, it makes sense to allow projects to defer purchase within the 12-month period – at least for residential projects, provided some conditions are met.the project carefully monitors energy use the same as always. The project still has installed generating capacity meeting the LBC requirement prior to actual certification. Additional carbon offsets are purchased for the use of conventional energy during the period – or use of 100% green power for that same period. Allowing a project to defer the actual purchase without triggering a longer occupancy period has multiple benefits. It ensures that projects don’t “over buy” as the Bullitt Center did, which although still good – unnecessarily burdens a project and carries embodied impacts. It ensures that a project doesn’t “under-buy” and then have to buy more solar half way into the project, which can be disruptive and threaten certification – and ensures there aren’t delays in certification, which don’t help LBC either – LBC wants more certified projects. By waiting until month 11 for example – a project might save considerable resources and be able to ‘right-size’ the solar array. This solution meets the principle of the intent of the Imperative.


Projects are not allowed to rely upon a combination of actual efficiency performance and predicted generation performance. Projects must demonstrate proven performance over a twelve-month period using on-site production data. Projects may choose to defer the purchase and installation of their renewable energy system and subsequently delay the start of their twelve month performance period and audit for either the Energy Petal or for all targeted Imperatives.

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