15-1314 v2.X SFI Local Wood vs FSC Distant Wood


The NEST is in affordable housing project where a majority of all materials are either donated, discounted and/or fundraised for. The saying goes that beggars cannot be choosers but in this case we are trying to redifine what that means when making donation requests yet asking product manufactures and/or suppliers to give us only their best materials yet open up their books. It has been both an exhausting yet rewarding undertaking to challenge the status quo and see the support that we get doing it.One local supply company offered us a deal on some OSB roofing repair material. We made it clear what type of wood we needed, FSC, no added formalydye (desptie the acception from ILFI) and ideally very local. Instead what we got was SFI certified wood but were glad to see it was harvested and milled in grayling, MI around 100 miles from the project site. Because of the pace of the project we had to use that wood when it was delivered as we have a tight schedule and have to show proggress to maintain funding. We are now working with a new supplier who is getting us FSC structural wood. That wood is also completely formaldehyde (added) free but unfortunately it comes all the way ftom Oregon. Ideally we would prefer to source local wood and while we do not support SFI we are encouraged that the changes coming to it might make it another choice in a very limited market of wood when trying to spec affordable, local and sustainability harvested structural wood in the Midwest.Please accept this waiver to allow us to continue to pursue the materials petal despite this minor setback.


All wood is required to be FSC Certified; SFI-certified wood is not an acceptable substitute. Since the SFI wood is not  compliant, it will be up to the third-party auditor to determine if the project has met the Imperative intent based on the extenuating circumstances.

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