15-0320 v2.X Traps and Adhesives


We are seeking clarification about the sourcing of sealing tapes and adhesives in our air barrier system. For performance reasons (moisture resistance, resilience, and durability) we have chosen INTELLO Plus variable vapor permeable membrane for use in our wall system. This product is Red List free and manufactured in Europe. We believe that this product is not tracked for appropriate sourcing distance (Division 7, subsection not listed in Table 4).There is no equal product (Perm rates as low as 0.17 in high humidity, as high as 13.20 in low humidity) that is manufactured in North America.In order to maintain the integrity of this system over the long expected service life of the building, we require a sealing tape that has been tested to be compatible with the membrane. The manufacturer recommends TESCON No.1, TESCON VANA tape and ORCON F, ORCON Line adhesive, which is also Red List free and manufactured in Europe. This product falls under the heading of Adhesives and Sealants, and thus according to Table 4 must be sourced within Zone 5. Is it permissible to Zone jump for this tape, based upon the unique qualities of the membrane, and the tested compatibility of the same manufacturer’s adhesive tape product?If all products come from a single source, optimal cohesive of the installed system can be achieved, and there is a performance standard that can be assured.


This is a correct interpretation of the requirements of I-14 Appropriate Sourcing. Because the vapor permeable membrane falls under a CSI MasterFormat Division that is not listed in Table 4 Materials Tracking in the v2.1 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p. 22), the product does not need to be tracked for I-14 Appropriate Sourcing.It is permissible
to jump one Zone to source the referenced sealing tape under I14-E13 Function if equivalent tape is not readily available within Zone 5, or under Exception I14-E10 I-11 or I-13 Compliance if equivalent tape is available but not Red List compliant (MPH p 25 & 27).

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