15-0409 v3.X VOC Requirements


Could you please clarify the VOC requirements in the Material Petal? It seems that the language has been updated since its newest release.


The LBC v3.0 VOC requirements within the Materials Petal, found in the 3.0 August 2014 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p.7), are as follows:

I-10 Red List On-site Application:

Products delivered to and applied on site must meet the following requirements: 

All wet-applied products must comply with SCAQMD Rule 1168 or CARB 2007 SCM for Architectural Coatings, as applicable. Small containers of Sealants and Adhesives (16 oz. or less) must comply with applicable category limits in the CARB Regulation for Reducing Emissions from Consumer Products.

VOCs in Manufactured Products

Manufacturers who use wet-applied products containing VOCs must avoid certain California- defined Group II toxic exempt solvents:

Banned Solvents

Please see the 3.0 MPH p. 7 for the list of solvents that may not be used in products in LBC projects. In addition, interior building products with the potential to emit VOCs must comply with CDPH 01350. This is from the Imperative I-08 Healthy Interior Environment within the Health & Happiness Petal in the 3.0 Standard.

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