15-0422 v2.X Accessibility Requirements


OverviewImperative 17 requires the building to be designed with “access for those with physical disabilities must be safeguarded through designs meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Guidelines”.Please find enclosed supporting documentation with respect to our approach to addressing the accessibility requirements within the Plumbing Shop for the Okanagan College project.ContextOur project is a new building on a College campus. The building has been designed to meet the accessibility requirements, with the exception of the Plumbing Shop room.The Plumbing Shop is utilized by plumbing trade students & staff who must meet specific able-body entry requirements before being accepted into the program. These requirements for both students and staff are stipulated in all trade applications with the College. While the College is an educational institution, the nature of the Trades Program precludes any potential occupants with accessibility limitations. Classrooms can be used by all students and are designed to meet accessibility requirements. The Plumbing Shop, is only open to able-body trade’s staff and students. The attached letter from the College provides information on the nature of the Trades Program, particularly within shops that express the physical and mental requirements for entry. This letter was sent to the City of Kelowna’s Chief Building Official, who has subsequently provided confirmation the accessibility lift can be excluded.Based on the above information, we are requesting an exemption for the project with respect to the requirement to provide an accessibility lift within this specific program area.


It is acceptable to exclude the accessibility lift from this project due to the exemption granted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. All other relevant accessibility standards (e.g. door widths and swing radii) must be observed.

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