15-0423 v3.X Miscellaneous Hardware - Cabinet Hardware


After reviewing the last post touching on this subject (https://living-future.org/breathe-building/miscellaneous-hardware-part-vii), it is still unclear to our project team if the runners, hinges & pulls for our cabinets fall under miscellaneous hardware. Please indicate if these items fall under that category if they do not obviously contain any Red List items. If they do fall under this exception, what is the documentation needed? Link to what we will use: https://greenhammer.box.com/s/yoozmqu4vdvp365lxsb6npg6g3u7fscl


Runners, hinges, and pulls for cabinets are considered miscellaneous hardware if they are not known to be primarily composed of Red List ingredients. In that case, they do not need to be tracked for I-10 Red List and do not require an ingredients list or advocacy.

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