15-0424 v3.X Wax Rings


I have run into a dead end with a product my plumbing subcontractor submitted. The Oatey Heavy Duty Wax Bowl Ring with Sleeve, attached here. The composition information I received back from the manufacturer indicated that it contains trace amounts of both formaldehyde and nonylphenol ethoxylate. They informed me he they are actively pursuing to remove it from the product. He mentioned that it is only used to have the product easily removed from the packaging case. I have taken the following measures to replace it: - I asked Oatey if there might be an alternative available - he said yes but it contains PVC- I asked my plumbers supply houses and they said that all wax rings are pretty much made the same.- I searched the internet and they only manufacturer that I can find that makes this product is Oatey. There is a chance that this item falls under the Misc. Hardware exception, is this true?


This product is not considered Miscellaneous Hardware. Please conduct additional research: an internet search revealed both Fluidmaster and Danco brands of wax rings. If after conducting due diligence the team is unable to find an equivalent product without Red List ingredients, or if manufacturers are unwilling to disclose their product ingredients, then the Oatey product would qualify for a General Red List Exception.

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