19-0705 v3.X Does Scale Jumping Water Require Compliance With Materials?


We have discussed previously with ILFI the extensive difficulties we're having with the Long Beach water department. In that Dialog, we discussed the opportunities for supporting a much larger potable water reduction strategy than our building will consume - through the use of purple pipe installation on adjacent sites for nonpotable water usage. This potable water savings will be MULTIPLE times the amount of water that we use annually. (Exact calculations still in progress, however the new building is 10 times larger and occupied more regularly). The purple pipe water was confirmed to be recycled sewage water that is treated to conditions less than potable requires.
Additionally, our client would be willing to bring purple pipe to our project site, which requires over 1/4 mile of pipe be laid. The intent is to provide connection for future buildings to be constructed in this project's vicinity, but which aren't designed yet. That means the pipe will be oversized for our project needs, and teed off. 
Our question is with regard to the materials petal. This project is pursuing full certification, so we understand from the point of connection to our building, we must provide a non-PVC material. However, it is proving cost prohibitive to provide non-PVC materials in the adjacent building, and along the entire 1/4 mile path. Can we confirm that the redlist applies only to this project, and not to scale jumping or handprinting?

We'd also be curious if we can obtain a copy of the v4 Petal Handbooks, and if we're required to upgrade this petal to v4, what that process is. Thank you. 


Materials included within the scope of the project must demonstrate compliance with the Red List requirements since the project is pursuing the Materials Petal. If the 1/4 mile of purple pipe is not included within the scope of the LBC project, then it is not required to meet the Red List requirements.
For the portion of purple pipe that is included within the project scope, the team may use I10-E1 General Red List if a PVC-free purple pipe is not available.
We expect to have the 4.0 Petal Handbooks available by the end of 2019. Please reach out to lbc.support@living-future.org for additional information on upgrading to version 4.0.

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