15-0427 v2.X Battery Backup on Project with Large Generator


Our project has secured an exception to use a large diesel generator for emergency backup power, which was granted based on the scale of our processing facility and the current market limitations for practical alternatives. We are writing for clarification that we will not need to purchase backup battery power for emergency lighting and refrigeration use for up to one week. Such a requirement would be redundant at best, but also wasteful and without real utility in this case. The reason we feel the requirement would be redundant is because we will have a generator to power our systems in an emergency blackout scenario. We feel it is wasteful and without real utility to have the battery backup because we cannot foresee an emergency situation in which we would need only the relatively small amount of battery storage for which the imperative calls. In other words, we need to run our entire facility at capacity from the system we have in place, or in case that goes down, we need the generator. There isn't a scenario for our equipment where partial power is helpful. Thank you for your clarification.


Battery backup is required for all 3.0 projects to provide resilience and either minimize or forestall the need to use a combustion source. However, the Institute agrees that duplication of backup sources for large industrial facilities does not make sense and has created a new exception to address this issue. For this project, the hospitality space and administrative offices should have battery backup and not depend on diesel combustion generators. 

(v3.0) I06-E12 Industrial Battery Backup
Industrial facilities need to provide battery storage for resilience (10% of lights and refrigeration for one week) for only the non-production facilities, such as retail spaces and any administrative offices that are not directly tied to production spaces.

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