15-0506 v2.X Bug Screen for Natural Ventilation


Natural ventilation is a large part of our strategy for keeping the mechanical cooling to a minimum. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has used natural ventilation on a number of other projects. They have found through experience that in certain buggy areas a tight mesh (20x20) is necessary to keep out tiny no-see-ums (gnats) for natural ventilation is to be used to full advantage.For the stationary screens we have found a 20x20 screen product with no pvc coating. For the retractable screens, we cannot find a company that can provide a tight mesh product without a pvc coating. We checked with Mirage, Genius, and Phantom. We have found one company (Roll-Away) that is willing to replace the pvc-coated fiberglass with bronze mesh in the roller screens, but the only available size is 14x18 mesh, for technical reasons.In order to maximize the time we can open the building up for natural ventilation, we are requesting an exception to use the fiberglass screen with small mesh. We will advocate for eliminating the pvc coating in the future. Please advise.


It is acceptable to use the product with the smaller mesh & PVC coating under I11-E1 General Red List provided that  use of the retractable 20x20 screens is limited to where they are absolutely necessary. If a compliant alternative cannot be found through due diligence research, the team must advocate to the selected manufacturer for elimination of the Red List ingredients from their product.

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