15-0511 v3.X Dedicated Exhaust


We need a clarification for the Imperative 08 requirement regarding the dedicated exhaust system. Our project has a heat recovery ventilation system that uses the hot air to heat the fresh air taken from outside during the winter and vice versa during the summer. On its path, the exhaust air from the bathroom is the last one, therefore there is no chance that the air might be infiltrated in other rooms. Does the requirement mean that we should have a separate exhaust system for our bathrooms or is it possible to have it integrated in the HRV system which makes sure that the exhaust air does not infiltrate in other rooms? Here we have a drawing explaining the airflow system in our building.


It is acceptable for the bathroom exhaust to be integrated with a variable-speed HRV system since the bathroom air will not be recirculated. The team must ensure that the strategy is compliant with the current version of ASHRAE 62. It is recommended that the team ensures airflow rates are sufficient to enable building occupants to effectively remove humidity from the bathroom.

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