15-0603 v3.X JUST Organizations for Volunteer Projects


Our project has been solely facilitated by a group of volunteers working through the Cascadia Portland Collaborative. As a result, there are no engineers or architects of record in the traditional sense. Because the Cascadia Portland Collaborative serves as the local "chapter" of the Cascadia Regional Green Building Council and ILFI and the project was originally started at the LF14 Legacy Project, we would like to use ILFI's JUST label to qualify for the organizational JUST label requirement of imperative 18 in LBCv3. In addition, all project volunteers have been educated and learned about JUST as part of this project; because the volunteers are employed by a variety of different organizations, we would like to use this volunteer engagement to meet the requirement to send JUST information to 10 project consultants for imperative 18 under LBCv3 since our project does not have consultants in the traditional sense.


The JUST label of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) may not be used by any project to meet the I-18 JUST Organizations requirement for a qualified project team organization since ILFI collaborative members, ambassadors and/or staff provide input to many LBC projects. However, ILFI has created an alternative compliance path for volunteer based projects without a traditional project team to address this issue. See Exception I18-E12 below:

Verbal education, while beneficial, is not sufficient to meet the JUST advocacy requirement. Advocacy for JUST to project team members must be in written form to facilitate transfer of the information to, and provide reference materials for, decision makers at the receiving organization. 

Exception I18-E1 6/2016 Volunteer Based Projects

Projects that are volunteer based and do not have a traditional project team structure may meet the requirement for a JUST organization through the firms of volunteers or donors that play an integral role in the design and/or construction of the project. 

Exception Documentation

I18-a Involvement Documents

Project team must provide documentation of regular project involvement by staff of the organization providing the Just label. 

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