15-0604 v3.X Exception for Undercabinet Lighting


To find an undercabinet light for NRDC's Chicago Expansion, the project team reached out to four different manufacturers about their products. The products included the Contech LPLI LED, the Ecosense Slim, the Optolum EI Round (which was used in the first phase with an exception), and the Philips eW Profile Powercore. The problem with undercabinet lighting is often the polycarbonate or also the PVC found on the product. After taking into consideration willingness to disclose about the polycarbonate lens, RoHS compliance, manufacturing location and absence of PVC, we have chosen the Philips eW Profile Powercore. They were also extremely helpful, responsive and willing to be transparent, which we took into consideration when making a choice.We therefore plan to use the General Red List Exception (I11-E1 8/2008) and advocate to manufacturers. We are looking for approval to use the product in our project.


It is acceptable to use Exception I10-E1 8/2008 General Red List for undercabinet lighting, based on communication with three or more manufacturers. The team must advocate to the selected manufacturer for the elimination of Red List ingredients.

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