15-0610 v2.X Regularly Occupied Spaces - Restaurant


The Mosaic Centre is, in part, comprised of 3 commercial retail units (CRUs), a childcare centre, a restaurant and a fitness studio. We are posing the question of regularly occupied spaces with regards to the restaurant, particularly the dishwashing area.The head chef explains the staffing and the dishwasher contract: So, to further describe the essential set up of our kitchen, our team will consist of 20 total staff, 8 of which will likely be employed as "back of house" or kitchen staff. Back of house typically refers to any employee who works in the kitchen. Due to how small of a team we are and how small the business is we have elected to not employ any full time dishwashers. Rather, all members of our team will be tasked with assisting in keeping the dish area cleaned and emptied. Throughout everyone's shift they will be asked to put a load of dishes in or unload a load of dishes as they pass the machine, taking dirty dishes from the main kitchen space on their way, and returning clean dishes to their appropriate place upon their return to the kitchen. This will also apply to the service staff. The rare exception to this plan will potentially be a Friday or Saturday evening shift, where we may employ a part time dishwasher (only if sales permit) who would work 3-4 hours an evening during peak times. Even at that point he or she will constantly be walking through the main kitchen area routinely to return tools, pans, plates to their appropriate space. He or she will also be called upon to assist plating salads and desserts, and even complete basic preparations, which will take place in main area of the kitchen.To further explain the situation, I (head chef) am entering into a dishwashing agreement with my dishwasher supply company, allowing me no more than 3,000 cycles a month, anything more and I will pay a significant fee. Knowing that the wash cycle is 1 minute, that accounts for at absolute maximum, of 50 hours of dishwashing a month, or 1.67 hours per day. This assumes that the machine maxes out its limit every day and assumes that someone would be standing there staring at the machine the entire time. Which would not be in their role description and would be grounds for termination. Given that we anticipate being open an average of 13 hours a day I am hoping that you can see that it will not be a regularly occupied space, any more than the walk-in-cooler or dry storage might be. To this end, is the dishwashing area deemed a regularly occupied space which would then need to comply with the requirements of Imperative-08, Civilized Environment in version 2.1? Please see attached final floor plan.


A dishwashing area that is staffed inconsistently, where the total time the space is occupied by an individual is equivalent to less than part-time, is not considered a regularly occupied space, and therefore is exempt from I07 Civilized Environment. Part-time is defined as up to four hours per day.

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