15-0611 v3.X Furniture


The version 3.0 handbook mentions "systems furniture" as being included for Red List documentation, however we cannot find any mention of "systems furniture" or other furniture in "Responsible Industry" or "Living Economy Sourcing". Do we need to track the manufacturer location for systems and other non-systems furniture? Must all of the systems and non- systems furniture meet all of the FSC requirements of Responsible Industry?We are not able to find local manufacturers and 100% Pure FSC for all of the office furniture (both systems and loose furniture).On a separate issue, have not been able to find systems furniture that is 100% Red List free (I believe even the one brand approved by Declare isn't Red List free). Based on this I would assume that there is an exception path to document and use other systems furniture that is not 100% Red List compliant?


Systems Furniture is included as part of LBC projects in LBC 3.0, therefore it must be included in both I-11 Responsible Industry and I-12 Living Economy Sourcing. Other Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment 
(FF&E) do not need to comply with LBC requirements or be included in the Materials Construction Budget for the project. The systems furniture in Declare is LBC Compliant due to Exception I10-E11 Composite Wood Sheet Goods. The team may use this Exception to qualify other furniture manufacturers as long as advocacy is completed.

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