15-0618 v2.X Donated Wood


Cope Environmental Center has received two donations of wood that have not had prior use, but is from a local donor who harvested the timber about 20 years ago. The donated wood comes from retired carpenters in both cases. Although there is a section in the handbook that refers to salvaged wood specifically as re-purposed wood, we were not sure whether or not donated timber would fall under that section. We can obtain letters that say that the wood came from their responsibly managed properties if necessary. Can this wood be used in the structure of the building?


Donations of non-FSC surplus wood are acceptable if they meet the following new Exception

(v2.1) I13-E7 Donated Surplus Wood (v3.0) I12-E5 Donated Surplus Wood
Donations of non-FSC surplus wood are acceptable if they are from an individual donor or project, (vs. a commercial wood supplier). The wood must have been initially purchased or harvested for some use other than the LBC project. The individual donating the wood must provide a brief description of the original planned use(s) for the wood. 

I13-a Exception Narrative

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