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Currently we are aiming for full LBC certification for a small house in Guanacaste, Costa Rica; and have done quite a bit of research on materials. However we are a bit stuck on finding red list free appliances.We understand that big permanent appliances must be tracked down for red list items, such as refrigerator, stove and clothes washer. Small or movable products such as television and toaster don’t have to comply.We would very much appreciate your suggestion about appliances that could be implemented in Casa Canopia. Thank you!


Your understanding of the requirements for Appliances is correct. The Institute does not generally provide specific recommendations for materials or appliances, but suggests your team reach out to local manufactures and other LBC project teams for their advice about sourcing Red List compliant appliances. I10-E2 Small Electrical
Components and I10-E3 Small Mechanical Components may be applicable to some of the complex parts.

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