15-0629 v3.X Dedicated Exhaust at Convenience Pantries


The project has provided dedicated exhaust for the bathrooms, cafeteria, janitorial closets, wood shop and screen printing room. However, each floor contains a small convenience pantry that is open to the rest of the office. Each pantry will house a microwave and refrigerator (as shown in the attached rendering). Because the pantries were designed to be open to rest of the office and don't have full height partitions, seperate exhaust would be costly and excessive considering the only potential odors may come from the microwave, and not likely very effective given the open ceiling and partial height walls.Our team's questions are as follows:Please clarify if small convenience pantries such as these are required to have seperate exhaust?If dedicated exhaust is required, would using bi-polar ionization air purification be a potential exception?


Small convenience pantries and kitchenettes that include basic microwaves and refrigerators do not require a LBC separate exhaust. Grill and oven style microwaves would need separate exhaust. Bi-polar ionization air purification is v3.0 not an acceptable substitute for exhaust ventilation due to the EPA's effectivity
precaution: http://www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/ozonegen.html.

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