15-0701 Neoprene Fittings


We would like to use cast iron pipe for below grade sanitary piping beneath the building. The standard joining methods for hub and spigot cast iron pipe use either a neoprene gasket or a combination of lead and oakum. Both of these joining methods involve red list materials. We would like to use the gasket method since the gasket remains a discrete piece at the end of the service life of the product. I've researched three manufacturers and they all use neoprene gaskets due to the material's ability to resist corrosion and embrittlement from the effluent in the pipe and from being buried underground. Another option is no-hub cast iron piping which is also joined with a discrete coupler made from neoprene. Would both of these options be acceptable per the exception example noted in I11-E1 8/2008?


It is acceptable to use either of these products under I11-E1 General Red List since a compliant, Red List Free alternative cannot be found, and the project team has conducted sufficient due diligence by contacting three manufacturers. The team must advocate to the selected manufacturer for development of a Red List free gasket

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