15-0702 v3.X Intentional Site Harvest


Our project has required the use of Intentional Site Harvest (I12-E1/2008) in preparation for construction. All trees removed has been milled and prepared for various installations within the home and we can document good reasons for taking these site trees down. Looking to the natural materials clarification within Imperative 13, we wish to inquire if all labor costs associated with this material may be included under this imperative including installation. There is a very old natural building tradition of building with wood from the building site where trees are cleared - equally valid to straw bale or other natural building techniques and even older then most natural building techniques. We think site harvest wood should be part of the natural building definition.


It is acceptable to include the labor cost associated with harvesting and milling wood from the site within the project's materials construction budget. The labor to install milled lumber, whether harvested from the site or another source, is not allowed.

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