15-0702 v3.X Urban Salvaged Wood


It is our belief that ‘urban salvaged woods’ should be counted as salvaged wood in the definition. This is wood that is not coming from a managed forest and did not involve a logging company- but from trees in the neighborhood that have fallen or taken down due to other construction. It is a much higher and best use to use this wood rather than seeing it burned or chipped up. Not only that, but shipping and carbon impacts are greatly reduced since the wood is local - and not being released into the atmosphere when burned.


'Urban salvaged wood' does not meet the LBC definition of 'salvaged' per the 3.0 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p33): "used building materials that can be repurposed wholly in their current form or with slight refurbishment" and therefore cannot be considered salvaged for either I-13 Living Economy Sourcing or I-14 Net Positive Waste.
However, some urban harvested wood meets the intent of this Imperative and therefore the Institute is creating the following urban wood Exception: v2.1 I13-E8 8/2015 Urban Harvested Wood v3.0 I12-E6 8/2015 Urban Harvested Wood Wood that meets the below harvest criteria is allowed under this Imperative: Legally within the project's local municipal jurisdiction In small quantities (less than 5 trees) From urban areas (L3-L6) Documentation I13-a & I12-a Additional Narrative explaining why the trees needed to be removed I13-a & I12-b Technical Document such as a receipt or letter from the wood provider confirming location of harvest.

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