15-0709 v3.X Use of AA and AAA batteries


Our project is a tourist site, and we require an access control system to manage access to various buildings and rooms onsite. Like a hotel, guests will have cards that allow them to access their rooms during their stay.This requires card readers to be mounted on doors throughout the site, and we have the option to connect these readers to the access control system either wirelessly or wired.A wired solution might use hundreds of metres of cabling to connect the readers to the system. A wireless solution would eliminate cabling but require the use of AA or AAA batteries.We are seeking clarification on how the energy used by batteries in a wireless solution should be accounted for in our Net Zero Energy records. We are also keen to understand if, in general, any previous projects have considered the balance of environmental impact of batteries vs. extensive cabling.


It is acceptable to use either a wired or wireless solution. Although AA & AAA batteries are considered FF&E and therefore outside a project's energy calculations, the Institute recommends the use of rechargeable batteries which would minimize waste and be tracked for energy use through their plug load. We are not aware of projects that have
considered the environmental impacts of batteries vs. extensive cabling.

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