15-0714 v2.X Organic Aggregate Binder


In the process of researching aggregate binders and stabilizers for exterior walkway application, our project team has had difficulty sourcing a product that meets the desired performance (flexible and easily repairable) and environmental criteria and also complies with the Appropriate Sourcing Imperative. Because the preferred stabilizer and aggregate are considered “the product” we have classified it under division 32 – Exterior Improvements and is restricted to Zone 1 (311 miles). We have located only three companies that manufacture suitable stabilizer products that meet our performance requirements; the closest of which is in Phoenix, AZ (1,976 miles from our project site). The other two companies manufacturer there products in San Jose and Corona, California. The binder material is only 8-10% of the product and basically comes from a light-weight organic (grass) material that is ground into a powder.While investigating this company further, we were informed that this particular manufacturer has an established relationship with a qualified aggregate supplier that is located only 81 miles from our project site (manufacturing location). Therefore, the aggregate would comply, but the binder would be out of the allowable zone for source location.We would like to request an exception for the use of the organic aggregate stabilizer manufactured in Phoenix as it meets the performance criteria of being flexible where other non-organic based stabilizers are rigid and that we have performed the due diligence to try to locate an industry equivalent to meet the requirement of the Imperative.


It is acceptable to use I14-E13 Function for a material that meets the project's intended performance criteria, per the May 2014 v2.1 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p25), as long as Due Diligence (MPH p27), has been documented.

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