15-0716 v3.X Site Clearance Timber for Firewood


Our project is a visitor accommodation facility located in Glenorchy a small community located on the periphery of the Mount Aspiring National park in the South Island of New Zealand.We have had to clear some non-native trees for the construction site. The timber, where appropriate in scale and quality is being milled and stored on site for reuse either within the construction of the buildings or in the landscaping.Branches and limbs are also being mulched for use on the landscaping. There are however some trees/limbs that are not suitable for reuse within construction. Where it cannot be used within the landscaping we request an exception to use the site clearance timber for firewood within two existing houses operated as part of the larger scale facility.The existing houses are operated by the Client as staff houses (but not included in the LBC project area). The staff houses are predominantly heated with a wood stove. 

We accept that the combustion of firewood is not an approved pathway for compliance however, if we don’t use site clearance timber, then the houses will need to purchase timber cut from healthy trees in the local region.Wood stoves are the predominant source of heating in Glenorchy due to the vast timber resource in the area as is the case with the vast majority of rural communities in New Zealand.


The proposed strategy is acceptable because:The homes that intend to use the wood for heating are outside of the  LBC project areaThe wood in question will not be placed in a landfill.

The use of the available biomass that cannot be used in the project will preempt the clearance of living biomass.

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