15-0716 v3.X Open Public Day Requirement


am writing to confirm our approach to the Annual Open to the Public Day requirement. Our use permit only allows a small handful of agricultural promotional events with very strict limits. We would like to propose the following to comply with this requirement:We offer paid tours to the public year-round, and once a year we will offer free tours. This tour will take guests through both the Tasting Room, with our interactive, educational "green room" and Production buildings. It will include information about the Living Building Challenge and the many sustainable features of our project to comply with Handbook guidance. I would also like to clarify that these are guided tours. Our project is a working winery which does not allow for unguided tours.


Year round paid tours and one day of free tours is an acceptable approach to the annual open day for the public requirement as long as the tours provide educational information about the LBC and the free tours are open to all members of the public, regardless of income.

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