15-0722 v2.X Form Liners


The contractor has asked us if the specified form liners and rustication strips will need to be LBC Red List compliant? The form liner will not stay on site as a permanent part of the project, and will be reusable and contain recycled content. The MSDS for the form liners lists the CAS #s but does not list the % of each to confirm that all ingredients have been accounted for. Secondly, if an exception must be taken for the liners due to proprietary ingredients etc., is there a limit to the number of exceptions that can be taken throughout the course of a single project?


The Institute is issuing a new Clarification, below, to better define which construction items must meet Living Building Challenge requirements. There is no specific limit to the number of Exceptions that can be taken by any project. Project teams need to make a concerted and documented effort to use Exceptions only when
unavoidable. Clarification: Construction MaterialsConstruction materials that are only temporarily on the project site during construction are excluded from the requirements of the Living Building Challenge, with two exceptions: wood forms that are made from virgin wood must be FSC-certified. Diesel fuel cannot be used as a release agent since less detrimental options are readily available.

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