15-0724 v2.X Combustion Exception


The Mosaic Centre for Conscious Community & Commerce is, in part, comprised of 3 commercial retail units (CRUs), a childcare centre, a restaurant and a fitness studio. The building is targeting Petal Recognition, one of the Petals being the Net Zero Energy Petal. We are posing a formal request concerning combustion in relation to the restaurant, which includes a commercial kitchen.

This is a formal request for an exemption that allows combustion-based solutions for isolated applications under I07-E3 8/2010. In this case, the restaurant would like to incorporate one natural gas oven, one natural gas deep fryer, and two natural gas ranges. These combustion-based solutions would greatly help achieve net zero energy for the Living Building Challenge’s Net Zero Energy Petal. Please confirm that the commercial kitchen can use the natural gas powered appliances stated above for this project.


Gas ranges are an approved combustion-based solution for 2.1 projects under I07-E3 Natural Gas in Commercial Kitchens per the November 2013 v2.1 Energy Petal Handbook (EnPH p6). However the gas oven and gas fryer are not approved for use since functionally comparable alternatives are available.

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