15-0804 v2.X Composting Toilets


We are using composting toilets instead of conventional toilets in order to reduce waste and conserve water. However, because composting toilets are currently not available for sale in China, we require the purchase come from Sancor Industries Ltd in Canada (product: Phoenix Composter FlushSmart VF system). Other alternatives considered included TOTO and Kohler, but they do not meet the performance requirements of our project or provide confirmed Red List free ingredients list. The Phoenix Composter FlushSmart VF system is irreplaceable by other local products, and hence we would like to apply the General Red List exception. We will advocate to the vendor for the removal of potential Red List ingredients. Is this an acceptable approach?


It is acceptable to use this product under I11-E1 General Red List. The project team is required to advocate to the manufacturer for elimination of Red List ingredients from their product.

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