15-0804 v2.X C Plumbing: UV Disinfection


The UV water disinfection system we want to use treats water via ultraviolet rays that destroy bacteria. However, although we sent a letter to the manufacturer asking for full ingredients list and presence of Red List materials in the product, no response was received from the manufacturer. Still, the product’s unique features make it irreplaceable by other alternatives. For instance, unlike other products, no addition of harmful chemicals and heating are needed and no secondary pollution for water is caused. These unique features will help reduce pollution and provide safe drinking water for our project. Hence, we would like to apply the General Red List exception. We will advocate to the vendor for the removal of potential Red List ingredients. Is this an acceptable approach?


There is not sufficient evidence of Due Diligence to allow use of this product under the I11-E1 General Red List exception. The team must contact a minimum of three manufacturers of UV disinfection systems regarding a Red List compliant product and show "genuine effort" to get the required information that would confirm exclusion of Red List
ingredients, per the May 2013 v2.1 Materials Petal Handbook (MPH p11). Multiple avenues of contact, such as a follow up e-mail or call to technical staff, might be involved in an effort to get the required information.

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