15-0804 v2.X Plumbing: Independent Sewage Macerator


The independent sewage macerator we want to use is both out of zone and contains a Red List ingredient. This is a very specialized piece of equipment that is of major importance to our project. It serves to collect and pump wastewater through a thin pressure pipe to the next down pipe. Compact and slim for installation in a closet, the product enables an extra toilet to be installed. It has a clean hands service ability and an optional warning alarm.We have contacted local vendors; however, none of them have an equivalent product that performs to the Sololift standard, nor do they have one that is Red List-free. We would like to apply exemptions I11-E1 8/2008 General Red list and I14-E13 1/2010 Function in this case. We will advocate to the vendor for the removal of Red List ingredients. Is this an acceptable approach?


It is acceptable to jump a zone to use this product under Exception I14-E13 Function. We are unable to rule on I11- E1 General Red List without knowing the number of vendors contacted, other efforts towards due diligence and the specifics of the Red List ingredient(s) that are part of the product. The team must document due diligence by contacting a minimum of three manufacturers and, if using I11-E1, advocate to the selected manufacturer for elimination of Red List ingredients in the proposed sewage macerator.

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