15-0826 v2.X Victaulic Fire Protection Coating


We are seeking a Red List exception to use Victaulic Fire Protection products listed below. The listed Victaulic products have Orange, Red and Black Alkaloid Enamel coatings by a supplier, Chem Coat, that contain a phthalate (BBP, cas# 85-68-7). All other component parts appear to be Red List compliant, based upon information provided in the manufacturer’s documentation. We have reached out to two other manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment (Viking/Nibco and Zurn Wilkins) in an effort to find compatible substitute equipment with LBC Red List compliant coatings. Viking/Nibco wasn't able or willing to share the name of their second tier coating supplier, however they did provide information that shows they use an epoxy coating. Unfortunately the information Viking/Nibco provided did not contain a manufacturer's name or ingredient information. Without this disclosure, we have no way of determining if the product is Red List free. Zurn Wilkins had a similar reply to our ingredient request. Zurn would only tell us that the coating they use are Epoxy Powdercoat and were unwilling to share any ingredient or second tier manufacturer information.Victaulic is very transparent in publishing 100% of materials used to manufacturer their Fire Protection equipment within their product data.The fact that shared the name and contact information for the second tier coating supplier allowing us to research the coating, demonstrating a level of transparency not shown by the two other manufacturers. If a red list exception is granted we would follow up with advocacy letters asking all three manufacturers for more ingredient transparency and the elimination of Red List ingredients from their products. Victaulic 717 Check ValveVictaulic 705 Butterfly ValveVictaulic 707 Butterfly Valve Supervised ClosedVictaulic 717 Riser Check ValveVictaulic 747 Riser Manifold Victaulic 768 Dry ValveVictaulic FireLock EZ Rigid CouplingVictaulic Firelock FittingsVictaulic Firelock Outlet TAttached is the correspondence with all three manufactures.


It is acceptable to use these fire protection products under I11-E1 General Red List since compliant, Red List Free alternatives cannot be found, and the project team has conducted sufficient due diligence by contacting three manufacturers. The team must advocate to the selected manufacturer for development of a Red List free enamel
coating option.

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