14-1028 v2.1/Indian Creek Nature Center/Site Boundary


Indian Creek Nature Center (ICNC) is a nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to promote a sustainable future by nurturing individuals through environmental education, providing leadership in land protection and restoration, and encouraging responsible interaction with nature. When it applied to Living Building Challenge, its plan was to place a new outdoor education center to accommodate its 40,000 annual visitors close to its reconstructed prairies and restored oak-hickory savanna. The 67-acre parcel of land is already protected via conservation easement, with a 5-acre allowance for such a development. The design team has pursued planning and site layout under transect L1. ICNC is leasing several adjacent parcels from the city of Cedar Rapids Parks Department and had been discussing some collaborative projects with the city and other area nonprofits on the leased land. It is likely the city will end up transferring ownership of one or two of the parcels immediately adjacent to ICNC’s project site before the LBC certification process is complete. Because of these new negotiations, we would like your guidance on the following points:

1) May we continue under L1 with the existing property we own and consider the 67-acre parcel the property boundary?

2) If the support driveway and parking lot are placed on the (current) city’s land to take advantage of natural topography and minimize overall habitat and site disturbance, should that section of that parcel be included within the project area regardless of ownership? The project area would no longer follow a property boundary. There is not, nor will there be, enough infrastructure to warrant a campus designation.


It is likely the project may remain designated under the L1 Transect, but the team should submit the revised Transect documents, showing the planned developments, to the Institute via the Dialogue to confirm. If the parking lot is part of the current contract, it should be included in the project through either:

being fully included in the LBC Project Area or through Scale Jumping, in which case the parking area would need to meet all Imperatives, but given its location on city land, would not be part of the Project Area. If the parking lot is a separate contract and is not developed under ICNC control, it may be excluded from the project and Project Area. Please see the v2.1 Site Petal Handbook (SPH p4-5) for guidance on Living Transect, Project Area, and Scale Jumping. 

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