15-0828 v3.X Use of Sodium Hydrochlorite in STP Membrane Cleaning


Use of Sodium Hypochlorite in STP membrane cleaning Explanation: According to LBC, Sodium Hypochlorite is not allowed in sewage treatment process. 

1. When enquired through e-mail, LBC team suggested us to use Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)/caustic soda as an alternative to sodium hypochlorite for pH buffering. However, as per our Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) vendors, Sodium Hypochlorite is used for disinfecting the membrane in the alkaline conditions. This purpose will not be served by the use of sodium hydroxide/caustic soda. 

2. Also, vendors are unlikely to give membrane warranty due the change in the chemical dosage concentration. Due to this change in chemical, membrane life may drastically come down. 

Proposal: We propose to use Sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting the membranes. Kindly exempt the same. 


It is permissible to use sodium hypochlorite as described because it will be used at infrequent intervals to maintain the functionality of the membrane bioreactor and not regularly to treat the project's water.

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