15-0901 v3.X Clestra Assembled on Site


The project team is using Clestra PleinAir for Office Partitions in the NRDC Chicago Expansion. While Clestra has a Declare label for this product in China, the team is using the US-based product, which is sourced differently. Our question arises from the fact that the final place of assembly for the Clestra is the project location in Chicago. The Aluminum, Glass, Acoustic Doors and Tape that make up the product are all manufactured at different locations, but the final product is not assembled until it gets to the project site. For sourcing, should we count the project site as the manufacturer location, defined in the handbook as "where the final product is fabricated or assembled"?


In circumstances where products are assembled on site from components manufactured in different locations, each component should be treated as an individual product and tracked accordingly. If the cost of each component is unclear, the project team must make an informed judgment about how best to assign cost as a proportion of the bill for the completed assembly.

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