15-0902 v3.X Vestibule Requirement


Our project is seeking an exception for the requirement that all commercial/institutional main entrances must have a separate entry space i.e. a vestibule. We intend to comply with the requirement that all primary and secondary entrances have an interior and exterior dirt walk-off system that add up to a minimum of 8 feet. On page 15 of the Health and Happiness Petal Handbook v3.0, the paragraph entitled “Entry Approaches” notes that achieving Imperative 7 Healthy Interior Environment is performance-based through indoor air quality testing and that “the project plan should demonstrate compliance with the intent and make a case of any divergence from the specific requirements.” In our case, we have received guidance from the ILFI that buildings larger than 5,000 SF in climate zones 1-4 are not required to have a vestibule on primary entrances that are screened or oriented away from the primary wind direction. We have attached documentation demonstrating that both buildings comply with these requirements. Neither buildings have primary entrances facing south, which is the primary wind direction in our area. Please confirm that we qualify for this exception. We have also included the locations of permanent walk-off systems for primary and secondary entrances. Please also confirm that our approach is in line with the Health and Happiness Handbook guidance. We also want to propose an alternative exterior walk-off system for some entrances. Would scored stone or concrete be an acceptable exterior system in lieu of mats, grating or grilles? An article by Building Green, “Keeping Pollutants Out: Entryway Design for Green Building”, recommends addressing the surface of walkways and other pavement to ensure the interior of the building remains clean. The article also recommends installing porous pavement, clean gravel or crushed stone as a strategy to remove dirt. Similarly, scored stone or concrete would also have a cleaning effect. If spaced appropriately, would scoring be an acceptable exterior strategy?


The Institute is creating the following exception:

(v2.1) I09-E4 Vestibules in Climate Zones 1-4 + (v3.0) I08-E6 Vestibules in Climate Zones 1-4
Buildings over 5,000 sf in climate zones 1-4 are not required to have vestibules on primary entrances that are screened or oriented away from the primary wind direction and therefore wind-driven dust.

I08-a Exception Narrative - An illustrated description documenting the project's climate zone, and how the entry is appropriately oriented and screened. Climate Zone map & heating/cooling degree day information: http://www.energyvanguard.com/knowledge/us-climate-zones/#table Per the 3.0 Health & Happiness Petal Handbook clarifications regarding Commercial/Institutional Secondary Entrances, "decks and patios are sufficient as an exterior dirt walk-off system" (HHPH p16). Textured concrete is equivalent to patio pavers and may be used as the exterior portion of the walk-off system for secondary entrances. The Healthy Interior Environment Plan and the Owner's Manual must include a regular cleaning protocol to ensure that the system remains clean.

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