15-0916 v3.X Backup Engine Source


We would like to rise a question concerning the Energy Petal, and particularly the backup aspects referred in I06-E6 4/2010 Emergency Power Systems. Together with the other requirements I have mentioned to enginering team that the LBC does not allow the use of diesel engines for backup, only propane based ones. To this, our engineer specialist responsible for the project has argued the following: There are concerns about the emissions for using biodiesel, or mixtures, since the equipment does not guarantee the performance/durability of the product, and there is doubt about the characteristics of the emissions. A natural gas generator for backup is not viable since it does not act sufficiently fast to react for the emergency needs its required. It would take around 10mnts till reaching full load operation, what would turn it unfunctional. There are concerns in Brazil in relation to the unavailability of both parts and qualified laborers to manipulate this kind of generators. (Besides this source could increase the investment by 4 times) Propane based generators work for too small power compared to the building requirements (215.000sf Hospital), since they are relatively a new technology they are not available in the Brazilian market, and lastly it was mentioned propane could be used in only small quantities in larger engines, as the required, what would finally lack of coherence or be ineffective. A diesel generator that attends the TIER2 norm for emissions and environmental impacts is currently being considered. So we would like to better understand the concerns behind this requirements, and to know if the attention to this engine certification, TIER2 in the case, could attend the environmental concerns addressed by the engine ́s source selection, and count as part of the exception.


The Institute is creating a new exception to address critical infrastructure backup systems.

I06-E13 Critical infrastructure
Emergency Backup Critical infrastructure projects (e.g., hospitals, fire stations, transportation depots) may use diesel backup generators in situations where propane backup generators are unable to provide functionality necessary to the facility. The project team must describe their efforts to minimize the amount of backup power required.

06-a Exception Narrative - Note: reduced cost is not a sufficient reason to use diesel generators.

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