15-0923 v3.X PVC Wire under Indian Standard Codes


As per LBC, PVC is a red list material. For electrical purposes, LSZH cables & wires & HDPE conduits for electrical purposes are not approved under the Indian Standard Codes (IS: 694 & IS 9537(HDPE approved only for potable water)) and amendments to the code to meet the LBC terms is highly unlikely. Although PVC is a red list material, we need an exemption for the use of PVC insulated wires, cables & conduits as the use of LSZH wires or cables & HDPE conduits for electrical purpose does not comply with local norms and the Electrical Inspection Authority does not allow the use of products that deviate from the IS codes. Reason We propose to use PVC insulated wires & cables instead of LSZH wires or cables & PVC FRLS conduits for electrical purpose as the latter does not comply with local norms (IS: 694 & IS 9537) However, we will send a mail to IS requesting an ammendment (as per LBC) to avoid the use of red list material PVC.


Exception I10-E5 Red List and Code (v3.0 August 2014 Materials Petal Handbook p 13) is likely to apply in this case but all conditions have not yet been met. To use this Exception, the project team must make a formal request to the Authority Having Jurisdiction for a variance from the relevant Indian Standard and propose an alternative solution. If the proposed alternate is rejected, the team must advocate to the AHJ regarding the toxicity of PVC Wiring and request a change in the requirement. If those conditions are met, a copy of the variance request, the AHJ response, and a copy of the advocacy letter must then be included in the documentation for the project's LBC audit. Use of this Exception does not need to be approved through the Dialogue.

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